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  • Wood Cedar Fence
  • Installation of Wood Fence Pickets
  • Split Rail Wood Fence
  • Barbed Wire Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing


Whether your fencing needs are privacy, security or beauty, our Forest Building Materials locations have the fencing products any home or business project requires. We carry a wide selection of fencing and fence accessories including chain link, cedar panels, cedar and pine pickets, split rail, barbed wire, welded, poultry netting, cinder blocks, top and support rails, posts, gates and hardware. We manufacture our own cedar panels in premium and select grades for superior support and quality.

As a one stop resource, we have everything you need to get your fence up and in place from levels, caulk line and post hole diggers to post mix, concrete mix and gate hardware.


  • Chain Link Fabric, Posts, Rails and Hardware
  • Cedar Panels
  • Fence Pickets
  • Split Rail
  • Barbed and Barbless Wire
  • Welded Wire
  • Poultry Net
  • T-Posts
  • Drive and Walk Gates
  • Gate Hardware
  • Concrete and Post Mix
  • Fencing Tools